At MaasTalk, every available language has a separate table. The languages MaasTalk we currently offer are: DUTCH, BANGLA, ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, HEBREW. Note the amount of languages grows every day. Furthermore, we always try to offer as many languages as possible, depending on the language hosts (native speakers) who sign up. New languages and/or new native speakers are always welcome! Sign up via this link

There are two ways of joining the language exchange:

1) As a ‘language learner’, you don’t need to register and can just join every language table you want to practice languages.
2) As a ‘native speaker’, you give others the chance to practice your native language. Native speakers sign up in advance, (so we can promote your language) and receive TWO free drinks! During the evening, you speak your native tongue for 1 hour with language learners who join your table. For example, a Spanish speaker at the Spanish table.

To register, fill out this form

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