Trans Day of Visibility Discussion

For Transgender Day of Visibility, Dionyx and UMPride are hosting an open discussion on trans representation!
How are trans people represented in the media? How do we increase our visibility and raise awareness on trans issues while also making spaces more trans-friendly? Would you like to share what small gestures other people have made that have had a positive impact on you? Cis people: would you like to understand more about being trans and the importance of pronouns?
Our event will evidently be a safe space for trans people to share their experiences and additionally this will be a place where cis people can ask questions, as we feel like it’s important for cis people that maybe have a few questions to be able to ask them – within limits, of course.
These are just a few of the questions we’ll touch upon and we’re very curious to know how a trans-inclusive world would look like for you.
Sign up via this link.

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